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New Record Growth

  • - Grew monthly active users from 3.6M to 5.5M per month (Outside of Ramadan!).*
  • - Quran.com continues to be more visible and accessible to the world by improving its SEO, resulting in higher visibility on internet search engines.
  • - QuranReflect reached 17,650 reflections, with 21% added last year alone, diligently reviewed by our moderation team. Our qualified team of moderators review and elevate content created by our users, ensuring that the quality of the posts befits the status of the Holy Quran.**
  • *Data retrieved as of March 1, 2024, compared to the corresponding period last year. Note: During Ramadan, the number of active users is twice as high compared to periods outside of Ramadan.
  • **Reflections are reviewed within 24 hours, exceptions may occur, such as when additional review/discussion is needed, etc. Reflections that appear on Quran.com are reviewed for quality.

Improved User Engagement

  • - Launched Quran Growth Journey: An engaging feature that helps users remain connected to the Quran by setting a custom reading goal, track daily progress, and build reading streaks.
  • - Introduced Learning Plans: Free, easy-to-follow Learning Plans designed to help users grow on their journey with the Quran. Built-in progress tracking allows users to navigate through content and monitor their advancement until completion. Three plans successfully launched and many more to come with the support of your contributions, insha’Allah.
  • - Ayah Level Notes/Reflections: A long-awaited feature, users can now conveniently save their notes and reflections as they journey through the Quran, allowing valuable thoughts to be documented and preserved for easy reference.

Improved User Experience

  • - Introduced an interactive tour of Quran.com designed to empower users to maximize their Quran.com experience. Users can now easily discover and understand how to utilize over 20+ valuable features and settings available on Quran.com.
  • - Advanced Notification System designed to help users remain engaged and steadfast on their Quranic journey.

Planned Roadmap


Build technology and content for bonding with the Quran

  • - Verified curated content that covers key topics.
  • - Continue research and expand the usage of AI to help users find answers to their questions.
  • - Optimize user engagement with our new notification system.
  • - Expand the new Quran Growth Journey experience to include reading plans and more learning plans (Quranic Calendar to encourage consistent reading and learning to increase engagement outside of Ramadan).

Continue to deliver a world-class experience

  • - Implement design and UX improvements.
  • - Improving the reading experience with the Tajweed Mushaf, providing a color-unified Quran font with Tajweed rules of every single letter.
  • - Team expansion in engineering, product, UI design, and community engagement.
  • - Expand open source and partner contributions to our products.

Aim to reach 15M monthly users

  • - Improve data-driven engagement through advanced analytics.
  • - Further improvements on SEO and page rank.
  • - Improve experience and engagement for supported regions and languages.
  • - Developer integration with Quranic apps through Quran.Foundations API.
  • - Dawah content and features including social Ayah sharing.

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